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Department of Biology holds 2017 Annual Advisory Committee Meeting

日期 2017 11 20/分类 BIO News


The Department of Biology of SUSTech held its 2017 Annual Advisory Committee Meeting on November 19. Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University Professor Ouyang Qi, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Zhang Mingjie, member of the Australian Academy of Sciences and Professor of the University of Queensland Perry F. Bartlett were among the most notable guests invited to participate in the meeting. Vice President professor Wu Chuanyue, and Professor Xiao Guozhi, chair of the Department of Biology of SUSTech, as well as other academic leaders gathered together to discuss their viewpoints on major issues of teaching, research, discipline layout, international cooperation and planning. The meeting was chaired by Xiao Guozhi.

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During the meeting, Xiao Guizhi gave a general introduction on the latest work of the department as well as the status of the discipline construction, student training, and recent achievements in scientific research.

Deng Yi and Ji Shengjian, deputy chairs of the Department of Biology and Hou Shengtao, director of Global Engagement and professor of biology then successively reported on the conditions and progress of undergraduate and graduate teaching and training, scientific research and international cooperation.

After hearing the reports, the members of the advisory board agreed that in less than five years after its establishment, the Department of Biology had achieved good results in all aspects and has shown strong momentum of development. They encouraged the Department of Biology to continue to strengthen students teaching and training, and to accelerate the construction of scientific research teams as well as focus on expanding international academic exchanges. Subsequently, on the topics of opportunities and challenges facing the future development of the Department of Biology, the members of the committee held in-depth discussions.

Experts share their insights to help the department develop

At the end of the meeting, members of the advisory committee put forward constructive suggestions relating to teaching, scientific research, development, and faculty building. This meeting clarified the train of thought for the next phase of the development of the Department of Biology and had an important guiding significance for the department to speed up the construction of first-class disciplines.


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