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The Graduate Class of 2016 in the Department of Biology Achieved Outstanding Results in Pursuing Further Education

日期 2016 05 23/分类 BIO News


With the breeze blowing gently in South China, the class of 2016 in the Department of Biology will graduate in the near future.

With months before graduation, 21 graduates in the class of 2016 in the Department have already received letters of admission from world-famous universities, including world class universities like Cornell University, New York University (NYU), Washington University in St.Louis (WUSTL) and University of Washington at Seattle. Moreover, 3 excellent graduates have been recruited by well-known enterprises such as HUAWEI and BDJY. 

These outstanding performances are closely related to the students’ endeavors and perseverance along with the mentors’ help. Chen Hao has been admitted by the School of Medicine in University of Washington in St.Louis, which ranks the 5th in her chosen major around the world. In the meantime, Liu Jingyi has got offers from Cornell University, University of South California (USC) and Tulane University at the same time. As for Zeng Lidan, she has been enrolled in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in advance in the second semester in her Junior Year.

We believe that students from the Department who are going to enter the market and the world will reciprocate their Alma Mater SUSTech with more outstanding performances in the near future.

Voices from the Class of 2016 in the Department of Biology:


Cheng Ronghai, a major in Bioinformatics (supervised by associate professor He Jiankui):

“I have harvested a lot during my four years in the department. Not only have I reaped academic knowledge but also I have gained the guidance as well as support from faculty members in the Department. I have a clearer understanding and more careful plan of my future development with their help. Meanwhile, our Department is just like a very warm and harmonious family, which makes our strained study life a relaxing and pleasant one. ”

Cheng Ronghai has received PhD offers from 5 universities including Boston University (BU) (ranking TOP 20 in his chosen major), Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota in Twin Cities, North Carolina State University and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.


Zhou Lin, a major in Biological Sciences (supervised by Professor Hou Shengtao):

“I am very interested in neuroscience and have participated in research programs on Alzheimer in the laboratory supervised by Professor Hou Shengtao. I have gained initial understanding of cognitive function through courses online and at school. And I am looking forward to have a further understanding of the cognitive function as well as Alzheimer by learning accompanied by practice, which helps me make my own contributions in the field of neuroscience.”

Zhou Lin has received an PhD offer from University of Goettingen in Germany with a full scholarship. 


He Huiyu, a major in Biological Sciences (supervised by associate professor Huang Wei):

“My four years here will become one of my most valuable memories without question. Not only have I acquired knowledge here but also I was deeply affected in thinking. It is my honor to be admitted in the Department of Biology in SUSTech and it is my privilege to have such amicable schoolmates.”

He Huiyu has received the letter of PhD admission from University of California, Irvine. 


Li Yan, a major in Biological Sciences (supervised by associate professor Xie Yucong):

“After graduating from SUSTech, I will pursue my PhD in a laboratory of a professor in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with my focus mainly on the research on nematode model, a protein related to the regulation and control of the size as well as distributing of lipid droplets. The regulation and control of lipid droplets are closely linked with diseases like obesity, diabetes, inflammation as well as hypertension. I hope my research in this field will contribute to a better understanding of the disease and provide new ideas as well as effective and practical cure.”

Li Yan has received the letter of admission of PhD program from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Source: the Department of Biology.

Photos: SUSTech Student News Agency.


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