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Guangdong Provincial Key laboratory of Cell Microenvironment and Disease Research

日期 2016 09 18/分类 Key Laboratory


In September 2017,Guangdong Provincial Key laboratory of Cell Microenvironment and Disease Research had acquired approval. There are 11 senior research fellows in the laboratory, and the leading Professor Wu Chuanjun, world-renowned cell biologist acts as the laboratory director. Professor Wu has been engaged in studying the cellular microenvironment for many years, kicking off a theory of cell-surface receptor controlling the form of extracellular matrix. That is one of milestones that helps people know more about the formation mechanism of cell adhesion and extracellular matrix. The study orientation focuses on the interaction between cells and cellular microenvironments and the scientific problem of relations in the aspect of human critical illness and development. With the integration of cell biology, model biology, structural biology, systems biology and bioengineering and other subjects, the laboratory studies systematically the cell’s development, growth, differentiation, migration and lesion in the microenvironment. Besides, it helps knowing various occurrence mechanisms of different diseases, and provides relevant guideline for prevention, inspection and treatment. The laboratory provides solid theoretical basis and advanced technology for solving current social health problems through studying new biological materials by means of synthetic biology.



The group photo of partial members in the key laboratory



Partial research achievements of the key laboratory(Kindlin-2Prx1cKO mice display multiple striking skeletal abnormalities.(quoted from Wu et al.Nat Commun. 2015)



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