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Job Posting for Post-doctor of the Department of Biology in the SUSTech

日期 2016 07 08/分类 Research Group


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is outstanding for its double missions that require the university to seek out modern university system and cultivating mode of innovative talents with Chinese characteristics for our higher education. It is committed to school spirits of being “aggressive, realistic and pragmatic, innovative and excellent”, conducts the management system of board governance, university management by professors and academic autonomy, and aims to boost the university to be an internationalized high-level research university, enabling it to be a base for cultivating excellent talents and of a major S&T research. In April 2012, the SUSTech was established with the approval from Ministry of Education after nearly five years. The SUSTech has introduced over 160 faculties including over 40 experts of “Thousands of People Plan”. The new campus covers an area of 1943.8 thousand square meters, with a total planning area of 630 thousand square meters. The first-stage construction was officially opened in 2013 summer vacation. 


According to the demand from S&T work, the SUSTech, jointing roving stations, recruits post-doctor all over the world.

(I).Detailed CV, including the experience of education, work and research, list of major research achievements (such as thesis, certificates or rewards)and contact information; 
(II).The name and valid contact information of 2-3 referrals;
(III).Other materials available to certify the working ability.
1. Advanced research conditions, enabling academic phenomenon and excellent co-advisor;
2. Compensation benefits no less than 220 thousand yuan (including living subsidy of 120 thousand yuan per year from Municipal Finance Bureau; Special excellent person can apply for the principal outstanding post-doctor, with benefit of 300 thousand yuan.
3. Apply for post-doctoral scientific fund, Natural Science Foundation of China and tasks at different municipal levels;
4. Apply for 100 thousand yuan of scientific research start-up funds when working in Shenzhen after outbound; 
5. Apply for relevant housing allowances when meeting the condition of municipal reserve-level talents;
6. Overseas Doctors, when working in Shenzhen, can apply for Peacock Plan, nearly 800-1000 thousand yuan of housing allowances and have opportunities to acquire 3000-5000 thousand yuan of research start-up funds. 



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