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Department of Biology Holds Major Introduction Meeting

日期 2015 05 26/分类 BIO News


In the evening of May 18, the Department of Biology held major introduction meeting in the lecture hall of research activities building, principal of the department, Professor Wu Chuanyue, teachers of the Department of Biology and partial students of 2013 grade and 2014 grade attended the meeting.

At first, Professor Wu Chuanyue introduced the basic information of the Department of Biology. Then, Associate Professor Deng Yi introduced the two majors, i.e., biological science and biotechnology regarding the training program, course installation of the majors, Associate Professor He Jiankui introduced the major of bioinformatics, and Associate Professor Chen Fangyi introduced the major of biomedical engineering. Professor Wu introduced the situation of each professor of the Department of Biology. After that, it was the questions and answers link, where teachers answered the questions raised by students carefully. After the meeting, teachers conducted face-to-face exchange with students.

By this major introduction meeting, students have more knowledge on biology and the Department of Biology.





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