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对生命科学的创知探索Creative exploration of
life science



Senior Faculty Committee

Chair: Guozhi Xiao

Members: Chuanyue Wu, Shengtao Hou, Wei Chen, Hongwei Guo, Bo Xiao, Dinshaw.Patel, Xingwang Deng, Xinyuan Fu, Jian Zhang, Xuejun Song, Tao Cheng, Yi Deng, Shengjian Ji

Responsibilities: Development of strategic visions and long-term plans for the department, Policy-formulation, review, and assessment academic matters including tenure and promotion.


Degree Subcommittee

Chair: Guozhi Xiao   Associate Chair: Wei Chen, Shengjian Ji

Members: Shengtao Hou, Hongwei Guo, Yi Deng, Yu Chung TSE, Zhiyi Wei, Yonglong Chen, Ying Sun

Responsibilities: Review and approval of the fulfilment of degree requirements for graduate students and other matters related to the granting of graduate degrees.


Undergraduate Students Education Committee

Chair: Yi Deng

Members: Sheng Tao, Chunhui Hou, Hongmin Zhang, Wei Huang, Jiankui He, Shengjian Ji, Yonglong Chen, Guanyu Wang, Feng Rao, Chunhong Yu

Responsibilities: Development and quality assurance of teaching and training programs for undergraduate students.


Graduate Students Education Committee

Chair: Hongwei Guo   Associate Chair: Tao Wang

Members: Shengtao Hou, Cong Yu, Zhiyi Wei, Shengjian Ji, Yonglong Chen

Responsibilities: Development and quality assurance of teaching and training programs for graduate students.


Laboratory Animal Management Committee

Chair: Guozhi Xiao  Associate Chair: Ying Sun

Members: Yonglong Chen, Yi Deng, Shengjian Ji, Hanbing Zhong, Fangyi Chen (Department of Biomedical Engineering), Yanqing Tian(Department of Materials Science and Engineering) Bin Tang(Department of Biomedical Engineering)

Responsibilities: Development of strategic visions, annual plan, and policy-formulation for laboratory animal management of Sustech, assessment of management of laboratory animals in department of biology.


Ethics Committee for Laboratory Animals

Chair: Ying Sun  Associate Chair: Yonglong Chen

Members: Shengjian Ji, Yan Li, Yuhui Hu, Yue Sheng, Fangyi Chen (Department of Biomedical Engineering), Bin Tang (Department of Biomedical Engineering), Yanqing Tian(Department of Materials Science and Engineering), Fei Chen (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Responsibilities: Approval of experimental design involving laboratory animal in scientific application to ensure animal welfare and protect biological safety.


Laboratory Construction and Public Platform Committee

Chair: Yu Chung TSE  Associate Chair: Cong Yu

Members: Shengtao Hou, Jiankui He, Junqi Wang, Shengjian Ji, Zhiyi Wei, Wei huang, Chunhui Hou, Hongmin Zhang, Ying Sun, Yandong Zhang,

Responsibilities: Construction, policy-formulation and management of experimental platform.


Laboratory Safety Committee

Chair: Hanbing zhong  Associate Chair: Yandong Zhang

Members: Hongmin Zhang, Feng Rao, Xiaoying Ma, Xiaomei Liu

Responsibilities: Formulation and improvement of biosafety system and emergency handling, safety check.


Foreign exchange and Cooperation Committee

Chair: Shengtao Hou  Associate Chair: Junqi Wang

Members: Jiankui He, Chunhui Hou, Guanyu Wang, Cong Yu, Zhiyi Wei, Hongmin Zhang

Responsibilities: Development and implementation of cooperative projects with the industry and government agencies to promote translational research


Seminar Organization Committee

Chair: Zhiyi Wei  Associate Chair: Chunhui Hou

Members: Hongwei Guo, Xinyuan Fu, Xuejun Song

Responsibilities: Academic activities plan for department of biology, regular academic activities organization


Steering Committee of Undergraduate Scientific Research, Innovation and Competition

Chair: Wei Huang  Associate Chair: Jiankui He

Members: Chunhui Hou, Feng Rao

Responsibilities: Proposal of undergraduate innovation project, organization of participating in academic competition both at home and abroad


Graduate Admissions committee

Chair: Zhiyi Wei  Associate Chair: Hongmin Zhang

Members: Shengjian Ji, Cong Yu, Junqi Wang, Yonglong Chen

Responsibilities: Graduate admissions plan formulation, organization of entrance examination, interview


Postdoctoral Advisory Committee

Chair:Chunhui Hou   Associate Chair:Guanyu Wang

Members:Xinyuan Fu, Andrew Hutchins, Yuhui Hu, Yan Li, Xijun Ou

Responsibilities: serve postdocs at Department of Biology and help with their career development.




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