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对生命科学的创知探索Creative exploration of
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  • 2012

    The Department of Biology Was Established


    Welcome to the Department of Biology! Life science, one of the fastest developing natural scientific disciplines, has been the driving force behind the growth of the world economy and provides the know for the development of new technologies serving to improve the human health and welfare at large. Wit generous financial support from the Shenzhen municipal government, we are confident that the Department of Biology in SUSTech will surely grow into a top tier globally-renowned research and teaching center.



    • Apr.  The Department of Biology  was officially  established



    • Mar.  The Research Center of Life Science was established
    • Jul.    The Department of Biology started to move to the new campus



    • Mar.  SUSTech acquired the approval from the Ministry of Education to set up majors of Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences



    • Jan.   The Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Cellular Microenvironment inaugurated the First Academic Council, marking the first key laboratory of SUSTech established in Shenzhen
    • Jan.   The Commencement for 2015 Graduates and Degree Granting Ceremony
    • Mar.  SUSTech first acquired the approval of key research project of National Natural Science Foundation in the areas of life and health
    • Apr.   SUSTech held top academic assembly – Chinese society for cell biology and 2015 Chinese Academic Conference, and the number of participants initially broke 2000
    • Aug.   SUSTech jointing the University of Macau cultivated Doctors, achieving the cultivation of masters
    • Sep.   The Department of Biology initially held strategy seminar



    • Jan.  The Department of Biology held 2015 Annual Work Summary Conference and Academic Seminar
    • Feb.  Associate Professor Jiankui He , from the Department of Biology, has successfully developed the initial third generation gene sequencing machine, which played a crucial role to disease diagnosis, agricultural cultivation and scientific research and other areas
    • Mar.  Life and Health Research Center of Biology Department cooperated with Nikon Instruments (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. to build “Life and Health Imaging Demonstration Center”
    • Apr.  Biotechnology, Biological Information, and Biological science had successfully acquired approval for awarding Bachelor’s degree
    • Jul.   The Party Branch of the Department of Biology acquired 2015-2016 School Advanced Party Branches
    • Aug. “Team of Development of the Third Generation Gene Sequencing Machine” acquired approval By Shenzhen Peacock Team Plan


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    NO.1 Faculty Research Building, Southern University of Science and Technology, No. 1088, Xueyuan Avenue,Nanshan District, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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