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SUSTech First Endorsed as Qualified University for National Exam-free Graduate Recommendation

日期 2017 08 25/分类 BIO News


Nowadays, a high percentage of SUSTech’s outstanding graduates have been recommended to study at the world class universities. Next year, they have a new choice–to pursue their postgraduate study in the first rate domestic universities.

Recently, a notice issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) announces that the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has been selected into the 2017 list of qualified universities for National Exam-free Graduate Recommendation. This year, 54 institutions got the qualification, and the total number of the qualified Chinese universities is 312. All the candidates should go through a series of approval processes, including application, provincial administrative authorities’ certification and public announcement.

From 2018 onwards, SUSTech outstanding undergraduate students can apply for an exemption from the graduate admission exam. Candidate students can directly apply for graduate degree programs of the domestic university after obtaining the bachelor’s degree, and pursue the Master’s degree if admitted.

The policy that some top students can be exempted from the admission exam to get a master’s degree is an important part of the postgraduate recruit system.

As some commentators have noted, several newly established local key colleges and universities were included in this year’s list , including the Southern University of Science and Technology, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ShanghaiTech University and the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

With the endorsement, the university makes an iconic step in the undergraduate education development by being highly recognized and qualified by the Ministry of Education.


Translated by Audrey Xia

Edited by Audrey Xia/Jeremy Welburn

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