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In the Media: SUSTech Professor develops the world’s most accurate third-generation gene sequencers

日期 2017 07 22/分类 BIO News


Recently, the Department of Biology Associate Professor He Jiakui’s independent research and development for the clinical third-generation single-molecule sequencer GenoCare has become the world’s most accurate and only third generation gene sequencer used in clinincal applications. This major achievement has gained the attention of the press and media all over the community.

On July 19 2017, the Science and Technology Daily headlined “Research and development of the world’s most expensive 3rd generation gene sequencer” and gave a detailed report, while the Southern Daily published “SUSTech Professor’s team develops the world’s most accurate third-generation gene sequencing device, for which costs are expected to drop to $100” as the title of their report.


The full story can be found below.



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