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SUSTech-Peking University National Institute of Plant and Food Set Up the first SUSTech Plant Science Forum on Campus

日期 2017 08 11/分类 BIO News


On July 23 2017, SUSTech and the National Institute of Plant and Food Research Institute celebrated the establishment of the first plant science forum, which was held in the International Conference Hall. Fellows Peter Quail of the University of California, Hong Gil Nam of the Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology, Zhu Yuxian of Peking University, Zhao Jindong of Peking University, and Chen Xuemei of the University of California Riverside, were among the notable guests to participate in the talks. Nearly 40 experts and scholars, as well as the Minister of Planning and Development of SUSTech Wang Susheng attended the meeting, which was chaired by Professor Deng Xingwang and Professor Guo Hongwei.

Guo Hongwei presided over the event

Wang Susheng’s speech

Wang Susheng gave a speech at the meeting in which he welcomed the arrival of the guests. He wished the Institute to be able to develop rapidly, and to strive for a leading domestic and world-class plant science research center.

Wang then announced the appointment of the members of the Academic Committee of the SUSTech-Peking University Institute of Plant and Food and issued a letter of appointment. Deng Xingwang was named as academic committee director, and Zhu Yuxian, Zhao Jindong, Guo Hongwei as deputy directors.

Wang Susheng announced at the meeting that the SUSTech-Peking University Plant and Food Joint Research Institute was established and the fellows, professors and representatives gathered together for its opening.


The institute unveiled

He also expressed his gratitude for the strong support of the Department of Biology and other departments of the universities.

Chen Xuemei then took over on behalf of the lecturers to discuss the development of the SUSTech Botany and gas power research.

Deng Xingwang’s speech

Chen Xuemei’s speech

 After the establishment of the Institute, the first SUSTech Plant Science Forum was held. Peter Quail, Katayoon Dehesh, Hong Gil Nam, Julie Law, Gong Lei, Dong Juan, Cao Xiaofeng and Dong-Hong Jeong were among the experts to participate, providing important insight into the research trends of the field.

Expert reports

Expert reports



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