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Life Science Research Center was founded upon approval by Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality in 2013, mainly providing all-around supports for life science related disciplines. The leaders of platform consist of Professor Xiao Guozhi (Pengcheng Scholar of Shenzhen municipality) and Associate Professor Xie Yucong (one entrant of Shenzhen overseas high-level talent “Peacock plan”). Currently the Center has six engineers who all hold PhD degrees, three of whom were selected into Shenzhen overseas high-level talent “Peacock plan”). There are 204 sets of various instruments and equipment with a total value of more than 50 million yuan. The Platform also owns Nikon’s first imaging demonstration center in South China – “Life Science Imaging Demonstration Center”.

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SUSTech Professor develops the world’s most accurate third-generation gene sequencers

On July 31, the SUSTech Peacock Team presented its third-generation gene sequencer results at the Peacock conference held in the Shenzhen Civic Center. Leading the team was Associate Professor of the Department of Biology of SUSTech He Jiakui, who is also the chairman of the gene company that launched the third-generation gene sequencer GenoCare. GenoCare’s gene sequencer is the world’s most accurate and the only one that is used in clinical application. Its technical level is the first in Asia and the world, and it is moving to occupy a key place in the genetic industry.


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