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Job Posting for Post-doctor of the Department of Biology in the SUSTech


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is outstanding for its double missions that require the university to seek out modern university system and cultivating mode of innovative talents with Chinese characteristics for our higher education. It is committed to school spirits of being “aggressive, realistic and pragmatic, innovative and excellent”, conducts the management system of board governance, university management by professors and academic autonomy, and aims to boost the university to be an internationalized high-level research university, enabling it to be a base for cultivating excellent talents and of a major S&T research. In April 2012, the SUSTech was established with the approval from Ministry of Education after nearly five years. The SUSTech has introduced over 160 faculties including over 40 experts of “Thousands of People Plan”. The new campus covers an area of 1943.8 thousand square meters, with a total planning area of 630 thousand square meters. The first-stage construction was officially opened in 2013 summer vacation.

According to the demand from S&T work, the SUSTech, jointing roving stations, recruits post-doctor all over the world.



(I).Detailed CV, including the experience of education, work and research, list of major research achievements (such as thesis, certificates or rewards)and contact information;

(II).The name and valid contact information of 2-3 referrals;

(III).Other materials available to certify the working ability.



1. Advanced research conditions, enabling academic phenomenon and excellent co-advisor;

2. Compensation benefits no less than 220 thousand yuan (including living subsidy of 120 thousand yuan per year from Municipal Finance Bureau; Special excellent person can apply for the principal outstanding post-doctor, with benefit of 300 thousand yuan.

3. Apply for post-doctoral scientific fund, Natural Science Foundation of China and tasks at different municipal levels;

4. Apply for 100 thousand yuan of scientific research start-up funds when working in Shenzhen after outbound;

5. Apply for relevant housing allowances when meeting the condition of municipal reserve-level talents;

6. Overseas Doctors, when working in Shenzhen, can apply for Peacock Plan, nearly 800-1000 thousand yuan of housing allowances and have opportunities to acquire 3000-5000 thousand yuan of research start-up funds.


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Postdoctor for Wu Chuanyue research

1.  Doctoral degree in biology relevant majors.

2.  Keen interest in scientific research and the research fields of the group; Strong ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems; positive with strong teamwork spirits, be able to independently carry out research while assisting professors in teaching undergraduates experiments and building experimental platforms.

3. Solid biology relevant expertise, such as molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics or animal models; with experiments experience for primary cells, stem cells and animals.

4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.



Postdoctor for Hou Shengtao research group

Ph.D. of neurobiology electrophysiological techniques and overseas study experience are preferred.



Postdoctor for Xiao Guozhi research group

1.  Ph.D. of biology relevant majors such as cell biology, molecular biology and developmental biology or medicine relevant majors in formal universities at home and abroad;

2.  Keen interest in scientific research, positive with strong teamwork spirits, strong ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems, have more than one essay published in the Q1 or Q2 JCR journals as the first author;

3. With rich experience in the following aspects: cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology and mouse experiments;

4. good oral and written communication skills;

5. Surgical experience for small animals, better to be familiar with the establishment of animal models of related major diseases (including diabetes, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis).

6. Good English reading skills and good writing skills in both Chinese and English.



Postdoctor for Chen Wei research group

Research directions include but are not limited to: gene regulation research, identification and function of non-coding RNA, the genetic studies of human diseases, cancer genomics based on systems biology.

Qualifications: a professional doctorate in bioinformatics and computational biology, molecular biology/genetics, statistics or medical statistics.

Having 1) research experience in large-scale data analysis or study of genomics, molecular biology and statistics basics are necessary, proficient in at least one computer programming language; or 2) have solid molecular biology, cell biology, chemical experimental basis and relevant research experience. Good English writing and communication skills, cooperation spirit. High quality papers published on international level publications in relevant fields or overseas study experience are preferred



Postdoctor for Dinshaw J. Patel research group

Position Description:

1. The postdoctoral candidate must be highly motivated, hard-working and open to exploring new areas of science.

2. The candidate must be willing to work independently and efficiently, with good work ethics and teamwork spirit.

3. The candidate must be willing to work closely with members of collaborative labs on joint projects.


1. The postdoctoral candidate should hold a PhD degree in the life sciences.

2. The candidate should have solid experience in biochemistry, molecular/cell biology, and importantly x-ray crystallography and/or preferably cryoEM.

3. The candidate should have a strong publication record in international peer-reviewed journals.

4. The candidate should have excellent speaking, reading and writing skills in English and Chinese along with good communication and interpersonal skills.


Postdoctor for Guo Hongwei research group

Research directions include but are not limited to: the molecular mechanism of plant hormone signal transduction, modern plant breeding and its application development, RNA biology and bioinformatics analysis, synthesis and metabolomic analysis of nutrients in agricultural products.

Qualifications: 1) have obtained or is about to get a doctoral degree in the biology relevant majors. 2) be able to independently carry out research using molecular biology, biochemistry methods, genetics or proteomics, bioinformatics, metabolomics and other means. 3) Proficiency in English communication and writing. 4) Sense of responsibility and teamwork. High quality papers published on international level publications in relevant fields or overseas study experience are preferred.

Please send your resume to the mailbox of the teacher Wang Yichuan:



Postdoctor for Liu Yi research group

Ph.D. of cell biology, biochemistry or molecular biology.



Postdoctor for He Jianqui research group

1. Ph.D. of biology at home and abroad;

2.Research experience of CRISPR gene editing technology is preferred;

3. With high quality papers published.



Postdoctor for Chen Fangyi research group

Educational background in biomedicine, optics or electronics; have interest in scientific research, have the following skills and be proficient in at least one of them: skilled use of electronic test equipment, medical signal detection and processing, MATLAB programming (instrument control and data acquisition), electronic circuit design, image acquisition and image processing, design and implementation of optical system.



Postdoctor for Hou Chunhui research group

Ph.D. with the background of genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular immunology and developmental biology, and have published papers.



Postdoctor for Wei Zhiyi research group

Candidates should have received (or expect to receive) a Ph.D. in biochemistry or structural biology with strong publications in protein chemistry. Candidates have experience with insect cell expression system or mammalian cell culture is a plus. Candidates should be highly motivated, have team-work spirit, and be able to work independently.



Postdoctor for Ji Shengjian research group

Qualifications: we are looking for candidates who have obtained or are about to get a doctoral degree, have strong interest in scientific research and hope to deepen their studies in life sciences.

The following expertise and technical background is required:

(1)molecular biology, basic molecular biology techniques including DNA / RNA / protein experiments, molecular cloning and vector design and construction;

(2)cell biology, developmental biology and histology, experimental techniques including primary cell culture of neurons, frozen sections, immunofluorescence, confocal microscopy, mouse embryonic anatomy and other operations;

(3)genomics, especially single-cell genomics.

Group Home Page: 

Research Contact information: those interested please send a detailed CV in pdf format (including papers published), representative works and the contact information of two or more referees to (please note to change # to @ when sending), and please specify the available time for work in the email.



Postdoctor for Yu Cong research group

Have obtained or is about to get a doctoral degree; with solid structural biology or biochemistry background. Have papers published in international research journals, be able to independently carry out research, protein crystallography research experience or insect cell expression experience is preferred; excellent communication skills, team work spirit and strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.



Postdoctor for Hou Chunhui research group

Have obtained or is about to get a doctoral degree from leading universities at home and abroad. Have superb theoretical or experimental ability. Many years’ experience in molecular biology, cell biology, biophysical and other related fields, with a solid and comprehensive knowledge of cellular and molecular biology. Excellent researchers who desire to transfer to the field of scientific research are also welcome. Be able to independently undertake leading subjects. Strong English reading and writing ability.





Postdoctor for Wang Junqi research group

1.Have obtained or is about to get a doctoral degree in plant cell biology, molecular biology, plant genetics, biochemistry and other related majors, with papers published in international journals as the first author;

2.Good experimental skills, strong English communication and writing skills;

3.Devotion to scientific research, precise working attitude, highly motivated initiative;

4. With the ability to think independently, analyze and solve problems.



Postdoctor for Zhang Hongming research group

Good master of molecular biology, biochemistry and structural biology experimental techniques, with the ability to independently analyze and solve problems and complete the research within a given field.



Postdoctor for Huang Wei research group

Ph. D. in quantitative biology, systems biology, synthetic biology, cell biology, biophotonics, tissue engineering.



Postdoctor for Xie Yucong research group

1) 1) Have obtained or is about to get a doctoral degree in biology, biochemistry or molecular biology.

2) Devotion to scientific research, highly motivated initiative, professionalism and team spirit, with the ability to think independently and solve biology problems.

3)Have experimental experience in cell biology or molecular biology.

4)Good command of spoken and written English.

5) Working experience in human cells is preferred.



2)热爱科研、 具有高度积极性、专业性及团队合作精神。具备独立思考并解决生物学问题的能力。






2)热爱科研、 具有高度积极性、专业性及团队合作精神。具备独立思考并解决生物学问题的能力。






Postdoctor for Chen Yonglong research group

1.Have a doctoral degree;

2.Certain research experience in auxology, be familiar with common molecular biology and cell biology experimental methods;

3.Good English reading, listening and speaking skills;

4) Good teamwork ability.



Postdoctor for Qian Feng research group

The Rao lab is recruiting postdoctoral research fellows to investigate physiological roles of small messenger molecules, with an emphasis on cancer. Successful candidates must have a Ph.D. degree with research experience and publication(s) in biochemistry- or cancer biology-related fields.



Postdoctor for Qianfeng research group

1) Full-time Ph.D. of tumor biology, molecular biology or other majors;

2) With laboratory experience in tumor biology, laboratory animals, molecular biology, and immunohistochemical staining experience is preferred;

3) Good teamwork skills, strong sense of responsibility, be able to finish work on time with perseverance and patience.



Postdoctor for Zhong Hanbing research group

Ph.D. of developmental biology or related majors from leading universities at home and abroad. Have received complete and systematic research training during graduate study and Ph.D. study and acquired common experimental skills of developmental biology. Keep up with the current development trend and research hotspot of the field and have certain ability to independently carry out research. Pre-interview is required, and candidates studying organ development by using mainstream animal models are preferred.



Postdoctor for Zhang Yandong research group

1.Ph.D. of cell biology, especially cancer or related fields.

2.Have papers published in mainstream journals as the first author during Ph.D. study period.

3.Honest and diligent, with the devotion to scientific career.

4.Experimental experience on mice is preferred.



Postdoctor for Li Yan research group

Research direction: cancer genetics/epigenetic regulation, identification and function of non-coding RNA, cancer genomics, and cancer stem cells.

Qualifications: have a doctoral degree in cell biology/molecular biology/genetics. 1) Solid experimental basis of molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry and related research experience; 2) Keen interest in the research direction and work of the group; have the ability to discover, think and solve scientific problems; highly motivated initiative, good team spirit; 3) Good command of spoken and written English; 4) Have papers published in mainstream journals as the first author during Ph.D. study period.



Hu Yuhui

Have a doctoral degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacy or genomics. 1) Solid experimental basis of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and functional genomics and related research experience; or 2) pharmacy-related experience, especially with pharmacology, drug genomics, pharmacokinetics as the main direction of scientific research, and experience in animal experiments and pharmaceutical analysis is preferred. Good command of spoken and written English, good teamwork spirit.




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