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Graduate School of Biology

The Department of Biology at SUSTech is committed to training postgraduates to recognize and understand the essence of life at such different levels as molecules, cells and individuals, and improving their ability to solve problems by carrying out extensive training in the basic knowledge of modern biology, as well as through research-oriented learning, theory courses, experimental courses and scientific programs. We hope our students will transform their modern biological knowledge into socially beneficial products or continue their studies.

The research areas of the doctoral program of the Department of Biologyare divided into Molecular Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Systems Biology and Plant Biology;

The research areas of the postgraduate program are divided into Molecular Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Genetics.


The research contents of Molecular Cell Biology mainly include cell adhesion and migration, cell division and proliferation, stem cell differentiation, cell-mediated immunity, tumor biology, etc.

The research contents of Neurobiology mainly include neurodevelopment, sensory neuroscience, neurodegenerative disease, nerve regeneration, etc.

The research contents of Systems Biology mainly include molecular mechanisms of gene expression regulation, new omics technology, higher animalgene regulation networks, etc.

The research contents of Plant Biology mainly include the active mechanisms of plant hormones, plant epigenetics, plant cell biology, etc.

The research contents of Genetics mainly include the genetic mechanisms of human disease, gene expression regulation in animals and plants and its molecular mechanisms, genomics of complex traits in animals and plants, systems biology research, regulation networks for the signal pathways of animal and plant development, etc.




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