Laboratory of Functional Genomics and Systems Biology

Southern University of Science and Technology



Post-transcriptional gene regulation and deregulation in human diseases

After transcription, mRNAs undergo a series of intertwining processes to be finally translated into functional proteins. Our previous studies, by genome-wide measuring the absolute copy number of mRNAs and their encoded proteins in both mammalian cells and yeast, clearly showed that transcription alone can explain at most half of the cellular protein abundance. The ‘post‐transcriptional’ regulation provides cells an extended option to fine‐tune their proteomes. To meet the demands of complex organism development and the appropriate response to environmental stimuli, every step in these processes needs to be finely regulated and the deregulation could result in pathological condition(s). To understand the underlying molecular mechanism and the important role of post-transcriptional regulation in human diseases, we are taking the systems biology approach to study different biological systems.

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